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Low Vision

Lucy J. Cairns, MD specializes in evaluations of patients with permanently-reduced vision, to help them function to their full potential. This extensive, "Low Vision Evaluation", will allow her to make recommendations regarding special glasses, magnifiers, closed-circuit televisions, as well as lifestyle alterations, to allow patients with impaired vision to function maximally. In addition, there are some tax relief issues that we can help with by processing certain forms for these patients. Some conditions that lend themselves to these evaluations are Macular degeneration, Diabetic Retinopathy with central visual loss, later stage glaucoma, for example.

Contact us today to see if Dr. Cairns compassionate, detailed, vision impairment evaluation can make visual tasks easier for you or one of your loved ones.


Am I a Candidate for BOTOX™ or Juvederm™?

Are you a candidate for Botox or Juvederm? Do you have concerns about "crow's feet", "frown lines", "forehead furrows", or lower face issues such as deeper lines between the lips and cheeks?  You may be a good candidate for our minimally invasive facial rejuvenation services.  

Botox/Juvederm Information

Affordable Financing Options:

Campanella & Pearah Eye Care Associates are committed to offering only the safest and most effective vision correction procedures available. While staying current with the latest technology and best vision correction procedures, we understand the importance of having financing options available for our patients.